What is the engineering ventilation system of greenhouse?What’s the difference?

Greenhouse ventilation system and window opening system: Greenhouse ventilation system is the process of indoor and outdoor gas flow exchange in greenhouse engineering. The main purpose is to adjust and control the air humidity, CO2 concentration, indoor temperature and harmful gases in the greenhouse project to achieve the most suitable greenhouse. The environment in which crops grow in agriculture, animal husbandry, and seedlings. The greenhouse ventilation system occupies a very important position in the design and construction of greenhouse projects, and is a necessary facility for planting and controlling indoor environmental conditions in greenhouse projects. Modern multi-span greenhouse ventilation systems are mainly divided into mechanical fan ventilation system and natural environment ventilation system.

The natural environment ventilation system of the multi-span greenhouse project is based on the window opening system. In the greenhouse project, the top or side window of the greenhouse project is opened or closed by means of a mechanically driven automatic or manual manual method, which is collectively referred to as a multi-span greenhouse window opening system. The most widely used large-scale modern multi-span greenhouses are the two types of windowing systems, the power supply of the rack and the reel.

1 Rack and pinion window opening system: It is based on geared motor and rack and pinion, and has the widest application window opening system. Other equipment accessories will have more or less differences according to the overall window opening system. There are many advantages of the rack and pinion window opening system, including the stable performance of the whole set of equipment system, the high efficiency of the operation safety transmission, the strong load capacity and the precise running rotation, which is very beneficial to the computer intelligent automatic control, so the rack and pinion window opening system is The best choice for large-scale multi-story greenhouse project window opening system.

According to the difference between its placement and transmission rules, the rack and pinion window opening device can be divided into two types: push-pull guide window opener and gear opener. The working principle of the putter window opener is mainly that the rack and pinion transmits the power to the push rod, and the push rod is transmitted to the window opening rod to control the opening and closing of the window. The working principle of the toothed window opener is that the gear rack directly controls the opening and closing of the window.

According to the difference of the pushing mode and the assembly position, the gear opening window can be subdivided into the outer window of the wet curtain, the window at the top of the greenhouse is continuously opened, the window inside the greenhouse is opened, and the top of the greenhouse is divided into windows.

The putter window opener is mainly used in the top window of the greenhouse project. According to the difference of the push form, it can be subdivided into the mechanically staggered window of the rocker arm, the double-direction butterfly window and the track type drive and the staggered window. .

2 Roller window opening system: It is the most widely used window opening equipment in China’s modern greenhouse project with plastic film as the main covering material. It is a combination of a film winder motor and a film bearing. The reason why the film reel device is popular is that its mechanical properties are very stable, and the cost is small, the operation is safe and convenient, and it can be applied to the greenhouse ventilation window ventilation on a large scale.

Depending on the form of the push and the part of the assembly, the winder window opener can be roughly divided into manual manual and electric drive. It can also be divided into a greenhouse side wall winder and a greenhouse top roll film machine.

Fan ventilation is the ventilation method that ultimately achieves ventilation by using suction and exhaust machinery. Fan ventilation, also known as negative pressure ventilation, is a ventilation system that is used when the natural environment is ventilated and the greenhouse is not ventilated. It is usually used with wet curtains. According to the overall structure of the multi-span greenhouse, the fan ventilation system is also divided into vertical and horizontal layouts.

In the winter when the outdoor weather is cold and the northwesterly wind is strong, in order to prevent the cold air from flowing into the greenhouse project, it has a fatal impact on the crops. Therefore, in the winter, greenhouse ventilation is usually applied by the method of air ventilation. It is called positive pressure ventilation. This kind of positive pressure ventilation system can be used in the greenhouse air inlet heating equipment to warm the flowing gas. For the greenhouse project, the indoor and outdoor gas flow is naturally uniform and evenly distributed, and can be placed in the greenhouse fan outlet. A plastic film duct filled with small holes.

I have seen the above detailed description of the fan greenhouse ventilation system and the natural greenhouse ventilation system. I believe that the readers have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these two greenhouse ventilation systems and the places they should pay attention to when choosing.


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