How to increase yields when cherries grow in the commercial greenhouse ?

In the following, you will find how to increase yields when cherries grow in the commercial greenhouse ?

1, auxiliary pollination: in order to pollinate fertilization, improve the cherry fruit rate, Hanyang greenhouse recommended in the 7 days before the flowering of each mu put bees 1 to 2 boxes, or the wall bees 100 to 150 head, the vent should be sealed with gauze net, in case the bees run away.From the early flowering stage, artificial pollination was carried out for 2 to 4 times.Each planting should be done branch by branch to ensure timely pollination of flowers at different stages.Feather duster can also be used in pollination varieties of flowers gently rolling, and then to the main varieties of flowers rolling pollination.

2. Flower and fruit thinning: in order to increase the single fruit weight and improve the fruit uniformity of greenhouse cherries, flower bud thinning can be carried out before germination. Generally, a cluster of short fruit branches with 7 to 8 flower buds can be removed, and about 3 thin flower buds can be removed, while 4 to 5 full buds can be retained.Be sure not to lose the central leaf bud when sparging.Cherry blossoms are then sparsely flowered, each bouquet of short fruit branches can leave 7~8 flowers.After physiological fruiting, small fruit and malformed fruit were removed to improve the quality of single fruit.


3. Foliar topdressing: before and after cherry blossoms, spray foliar fertilizer twice 10 days apart, apply 1% white sugar plus 0.2% borax solution at the first time, and 0.2% urea plus 0.3% borax solution at the second time, which is helpful to improve fruit setting rate.

4, promote coloring: in the early stage of cherry fruit coloring, appropriate removal of shade leaves, tree canopy under the shop reflective film, north wall pull reflective curtain, can promote coloring.

5. Fruit harvesting: the ripeness of cherry fruits is mainly determined by the S***Q condition on the fruit surface.When the background color of yellow varieties fades from green to yellow, the sun begins to have a red halo;Red and purple varieties that are ripe when all the fruit surfaces are red.The maturity period of greenhouse greenhouses is generally 1~2 months earlier than that of open fields.Cherry fruit after estimated gross, mature time, if you want to early maturity, can raise the canopy temperature of 2 ~ 3 ℃ at night.

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